We believe wellness
is a lifelong journey,
not a destination.

We’re passionate about not just getting fit, but staying fit. Consistency is key, and we help you build the right habits to make lasting change. The reality is that there are no short-cuts to fitness. Training and nutrition are two sides of the same coin. Make fitness a long-term investment in yourself.
Meet Your Wellness Goals

Backed by science and with years of experience and expertise, we promote sustainable whole-body fitness through a combination of customized programming, personal nutrition guidance, and supportive group functional fitness.


In addition to serving adults of all fitness levels, we’re experts in youth performance, utilizing our strength and conditioning know-how to help young athletes achieve tangible results.



2 locations

NARBERTH & Ardmore

Youth Performance Academy focuses on POWER, AGILITY, STABILITY, and STRENGTH through performance-based workouts. Your athlete will learn how to run faster, change directions quicker, and decelerate better. Integrating proper mechanics of movement will decrease the risk of injury, enhance recovery, and optimize all-around performance. Our cross-training program is the perfect complement to any sport to help your child reach their full athletic potential. Class sizes are limited to maintain high coach-to-athlete focus.

Our OFF-SEASON TRAINING program is geared towards all athletes in grades 6-12. It’s designed to elevate overall performance and make your child a better athlete, point blank. We put an equal emphasis on Agility/Speed, Balance, Control/ Conditioning, Strength & Power. Training sessions are run in 12-session cycles, with athletes undergoing a 7 movement “Combine” that we retest every 6 sessions. These movements identify areas that the athlete may be weaker in and need more work, and show progress over time with dedicated training.


PEAK Strength & Conditioning classes

Group functional fitness classes geared toward strengthening muscles you actually use, making everyday movements easier. Focusing on power, endurance, agility, and core exercises, you get fun, meaningful workouts with an eye on proper form. The sessions are like nothing you’ve ever done before—always challenging, always different, never boring.

Nutrition Consulting

We teach you how to build healthy eating habits and fuel your body to maximize its performance.

3D Body Scanner

Our state-of-the-art Fit3D ProScanner captures 3D body data and imaging. You get a truly personalized wellness plan, tracking visual progress to stay motivated over time.

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Meet our coaches

Phil Gagliardi
Crossfit Level 1 and NASM Certified

Phil found an outlet in sports at an early age. He started playing football at age 5, and then for the next 10 years participated in basketball, track, wrestling, and football. In his junior year at Cardinal O’Hara High School, Phil discovered his passion for lacrosse. He ended up playing lacrosse for four years at Cabrini College and was elected co-captain by his coaches and teammates during his senior year because of his hard work and dedication, on and off the field. After graduation, Phil was searching for workout routines similar to his athletic career. He came across group fitness in October 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. He found group fitness to embody the aspects of his sports career and loved how the workout was ready for you. His love for the community and friendships built with the other members have kept him coming back.

Matt Biller
Level 2 USAW Coach, NASM Certified, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certifications In: Gymnastics, Athletics, Kettlebells, and TRX

Matt’s passion for fitness began when he was 14 years old. By the time he was 16, he was on a competition power lifting team and later was accepted into West Chester University’s Kinesiology and Exercise Science Program. Never satisfied with basic routines, Matt learned to mix his training up early on. He has been active his whole life, participating in baseball, soccer, football, wrestling, karate, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, and much more. He opened his first gym and training facility in 2012 and worked with athletes and clients from all different backgrounds and fitness levels. Matt is constantly pushing himself to higher limits, physically and mentally, learning that there’s not one best method to get great results, rather there are many. Along with the many strategies and methodologies that shape training and health, he emphasizes the importance of nutrition to create an all-around program.

John Breen
YPA Head Coach

John Breen is a sports physiologist, elite multi-sport coach and athlete. He currently coaches rowing, paddling, Crossfit, and dragon boating at every level – including: high school, college, national team, masters as well as breast cancer survivors. His athletes have medaled at the world championships, competed at the Olympic Trials, and raced internationally. As an athlete himself, John Breen is a former collegiate All-American powerlifter, pro-Am track cyclist, member of the US National rowing and dragon boat teams, and a multiple world medalist; he continues to compete in Crossfit, paddling, rowing, dragon boating, cycling, and powerlifting. He is the current high-performance coach for the sailing team at University of Pennsylvania. Building on the continuous success of his first non-profit, Schuylkill River Athletic Club (SRAC) in 2012, John founded Fitness in Recovery in 2015 to give back to the recovery community. We are honored to have him co-leading the Youth Performance Academy for Fitrition United.

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